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Teamwork is the lifeblood of any business organization. Without a cohesive team, reaching business goals will be difficult. When you have a core team comprising four to five employees, it is essential to bring everyone on board to reach common objectives.

A tight-knit team will ensure professional success through better inter-personal rapport. When the work environment is conducive to teamwork, employees will enjoy coming into work on a daily basis. Here are a few ways you can a small business team together:

  1. A strong foundation

Building a strong foundation from the get-go is imperative. The first task involves choosing team members that have a good synergy. If there are members who prefer working alone, avoid making them part of your team.  Also, team members should have complementary skill setsto ensure goals are achieved faster.

  1. Goal-setting

To bring a small business team closer, the focus should be on the collective as opposed to the individual. Setting business goals that are beneficial to the team as a whole is imperative.When the team works towards a common goal, they will have no option but to collaborate and cross-communicate to reach them.

  1. Conflict resolution

Make sure to resolve disputes even before they can happen. Notice the subtle signs of tension brewing between team members.Find a way to stop the dispute from escalating into something bigger. Solving disputes proactively will ensure fewer disagreements.

  1. Team rewards

Always remember to thank the entire team for a job well done. Do not hand out individual thank-you notes.Take the entire team out for dinner and drinks after work.When a small team achieves a big goal, they can discuss the achievement over dinner. The team will grow closer as a unit.

  1. Group participation

Involve the entire team when making tough decisions. Do not include a few and exclude the others. It could foster contempt and an unhealthy rivalry. When brainstorming ideas, ask the entire team for inputs. When the group members discuss ideas and share thoughts, you can be sure of arriving at the best solution.

  1. Smaller Teams

For individual projects, it is always a good idea to have smaller teams. Ensure two or three members of a group work together on an assignment. Make people work in closer contexts to facilitate better communication. Smaller teams will ensure better inter-personal relations.

Encourage out-of-the-box thinking

All teams come with different ideas. Some members might even have thoughts and ideas that are “out there”. Always listen to those ideas. You might just strike gold with a seemingly obscure idea.

  1. Switch Roles

Do not let members of the team get bored with their job roles. Always remember to switch roles to ensure fresh ideas. The person handling marketing could be given content writing. Or, the lady handling sales could be made to handle marketing. A switch up will keep things new.

  1. Idea exchange

A good leader never takes decisions on his own. Do not alienate your group members from the decision-making process. Ask them for opinions. This will build better understanding and trust among team members.

  1. Bonding

Confining your team to the four corners of an office space will hamper productivity. Arrange for a day out for better team building. Not only will conversation flow, group members will come to trust each other.

  1. Support

If there is a “weak link” in the team, ask the others to support him or her. When you uplift a member of the team, the entire group will learn to work cohesively. The “star performers” should never be treated differently.

For a small team to function well, you have to be able to invest time in building synergy.

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How SEO Can Help your Small Business in 2016

Marketers have started improving their ranking in the search engine optimisation. This is simply because of the fact that this helped them in their credibility. This 2016, it just exactly is a good idea to pay attention to your SEO for it to help your small business.

More User-Friendly and Better Website

This 2016, SEO can really be beneficial to your small business. This will help in creating a more user-friendly and better website. For instance, Google love it having websites that are user-friendly. This is due to the fact that these enable visitors of having a good experience.

In this regard, your website will even rank higher as long as it provides a more improved and better user experience. Remember that SEO is not entirely about the search engines. It is also focused on the users. When users are happy, the search engines will also be happy. By implementing smart SEO techniques and strategies, you will be expecting an improved user experience. This factor can help your site to rank higher.

Helps Businesses in Finding New Customers

When you get focused on SEO this 2016, it will simply make it realistic for you to grow your customers. Since you open or launch your website, it will help you reach out to a lot of your customers. Even based on a research, it has revealed further that websites grow twice as fast as those businesses that do not have it. With SEO, it can help you get ranked in the search engine. This serves as a good factor that increases traffic back to your website.

Improved Conversion Rates

You may have not successfully increased your conversion rates of turning visitors into potential customers. That is why, this 2016, it is a must for you to optimise your SEO further. It should be made easy and user-friendly. This is simply compatible and fast with mobile phones and tablets. This also helps translate to improved conversion rates. For sure, those visitors who visit your website will be more likely to use or purchase the services that you offer.

Higher Ranking

One of the ultimate benefits that you can enjoy from SEO is a higher ranking. Incorporating and researching the right keywords is essential in ranking your website properly. With SEO, you learn more about the keywords that people who search for your service or product will use.

When you make use of the right keywords, Google, for instance, will know that your website has all the information that people look for. This will help in ranking it higher.

In this regard, there is a need to expand your presence on social media, build a strong influence in the business industry and improve your brand name among your audiences. Try incorporating the best SEO strategies from an SEO consultant, Gareth and the trends in the search engine rankings. When you employ the best SEO strategies, you will surely reap all of the benefits in the long run! Be at the forefront of the market this 2016 with SEO!

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5 Top Tips When Buying A New Packaging Machine


If you are in the packing industry, then for sure you can relate how daunting the overall process is. Thus, to help you decide how to make the procedure of selecting the best packing machinery become a lot easier for you, then you have to read on.

The following are the things you have to consider before you buy a packaging machine that suits you:

  1. Make sure you can buy a good machine you can afford.

Affordability is one factor that affects a good buy. Always remember, that this equipment is a long-term investment. Hence, it is fine if you spend a bunch of money as payment for a highly advanced packaging machine with good quality assurance from Contact Packaging. Now, what if you could not afford it? The best solution to this is to match your budget to the type of machine that you need. You could still buy a quality device that suits your budget. All you need is to check and compare prices of the different products offered in the market. Another solution to this is to look for a second hand equipment. Bear in mind that you have to make sure if the machine could still perform its functions well. If it is not in good condition anymore, then do not care buying it; you will just waste your money.

  1. Consider your floor space.

Part of choosing the machine that suits you is knowing the measure of the space where you would place the packing machinery. In this stage, also call in to mind the health and safety implications of everyone around. Take note, your packing staff will move around in the area. Thus, they need space to operate. So, be sure that the equipment you will buy will not eat so much space. If the space is not enough, then find another area.

  1. Integrate the new machine from the old ones.

Integration of your machines is a good way to increase your productivity. In addition to this, it will make you cost-effective in cutting down your overall cost. This means, if your old machine is still working, then buy a new packing machine that functions well and could do another type of work.

  1. Choose a machine which is easy to use.

Each of the machine have different ways of functioning. Settle to the packaging equipment which is user-friendly so that it would be easier for you to operate the device. If you are able to identify an easy to use equipment, then you can skip the process of the time-consuming training on how to make this machine work. To do this, check the manual and be guided accordingly.

  1. Pick the premium quality device.

Everyone wants the best buy and it can only be done if you ensure that the potential product has the best quality. Before purchasing, check on the product reviews online. The customers have written their comments about the product performance and other matters. These reviews will help you decide what packaging machine works well for you.

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team-coaching‘Project team synergy’ refers to the concept of achieving results greater than the sum of the team. For example, if ‘a’ gives an output of 5, ‘b’ gives an output of 10, and ‘c’ gives an output of 20, ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’, when work together, give an output of 50. The sum of individual outputs without teamwork is 35, but the three individuals manage to achieve an output of 50 by working together.

This concept certainly does work in the real world. In fact, synergy is the only reason life on Earth has managed to survive this long; and it’s the reason we humans are trying to make up for the harm we have caused to the Earth.

Why Synergy Works

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASeAAAAJDE5ZDc4ZmJhLTRkN2EtNGM1Ni05ZTA4LWQyMzcyZDBmNjY5YQSynergy is really easy to achieve once the effort is made. Working together aids understanding of all situations, as well as effective utilization of all available human resource.

This is why synergy is achievable:

  • Teams share a sense of common purpose. When working together, it is easier for each individual to understand that the entire team has to work on the same task and any effort will help.
  • No matter how large a group is, unless it is working together as a team, it is impossible for them to understand what’s actually going on. Instead of merely being aware of one’s own part, it is necessary for each individual to understand what’s going on in the business. Unless one understands a business, it is nearly impossible for one to accomplish what the business needs and complete the actual job of pushing the business forward.
  • Teams that share a healthy communication are able to identify specialties and weaknesses of each AMNT-Nov14-Inter-team-750x300member. This makes effective segregation of work and better utilization of the available human resource a lot easier to achieve.
  • Roles are shared and balanced among team members, which ensures greater efficiency.
  • Teams that work together focus on accomplishment of tasks rather than competition and interpersonal issues. This ensures greater output and better quality.
  • Differences of opinions are easily accepted and even encouraged. When teams work together, any pieces of advicecan make a lot of difference.
  • Mistakes turn into learning opportunities instead of causes of penalties, and creativity gets more space for growth. This fulfills a business’ requirement of new ideas as well as eventually productive risks.
  • Team members help each other understand the objectives of each project, which minimizes mistakesbusiness, people, statistics and team work concept - close up of creative team with charts and gadgets meeting and drinking coffee in officeand inaccuracies present in any products. The product turns out to be more client-focused, and hence, better in quality.
  • Team members consider the team as an important factor for their personal as well as professional growth. Coexistence becomes easier, and hence, so does survival.

Project team synergy can help your business achieve high output and quality. While ‘negative’ synergy certainly does exist, it’s pretty rare. Negative synergy can result due to personal differences or professional incompatibility. However, human adaptation can easily eliminate negative synergy and produce a positive counterpart.

Project team synergy can increase quality, productivity, and profits by not just 10% or even 50%, average results can be anywhere around 100% to 500%.