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How to Become a Local tree Surgeon

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A tree surgeon is an agricultural job which is often referred to as an arborist or arboriculturist. They are well-trained or considered to be professionals in practicing arboriculture. Parts of the duties and responsibilities of a local tree surgeon are the following:

  • Cultivation management
  • Study of the different tree species including also the different types of shrubs and vines
  • They focus and study on the safety of the individual plant and trees rather than managing a certain forest
  • Tree assessment and giving of the appropriate diagnosis
  • Disassembling of trees using a crane and bucket
  • Tree consultation and report writing
  • Cabling and Lightning protection

Take note that a tree surgeon is very different from a forester or a logger because they are not the ones who manage woods and the entire forest. However, the nature of their work share so much in common because they use trees as a subject of their profession.

Qualifications an Standard

To become an arborist, you need to follow certain standard and gain several qualifications before you practice the arboriculture in many ways. Here are some of them:

  • A person should have experiences in working with trees so that you can give proper answer to consultations, tree problem assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • A tree surgeon should specialize in different fields such as pruning, planting, felling, tree assessment and many more.
  • You need to gain skills in climbing trees because part of the work of some tree surgeons is to remove branches of large trees.
  • Tree planting, pruning and growing is also a part of the skills a person should earn before practicing the job.

If you have the above-mentioned skills or trainings, you need to pursue for a formal certification so that you can get some edge of earning different skills from various fields. This further education to increase the knowledge as a tree surgeon can guarantee skills improvement and the gain of techniques in working with trees. Now, for those who are interested in working as a local surgeon but does not possess those qualifications, then you need to get some vocational education, training from the proper authority so that you can have certificate as tree surgeon. In fact, in the United Kingdom, an arborist can get education up to master’s degree. Generally, in UK, a person can get the following certificates as an arborist:

  1. National certificate of a specific field
  2. National diploma
  3. Foundation degree
  4. Bachelors’ Degree
  5. Master’s degree

With these professional and training certificates, different local agencies or self-employment works as tree surgeons are documented and will be certified


Since this is also a good profession where you can work in many other different countries, working as a tree surgeon such as “Tree Surgeon Upminster“, gives you a decent income. For beginners, they can earn a rough estimate of £16,000 a year. The experienced ones have a salary range of around £22,000 and £30,000 a year. Also, you can be a self-employed local tree surgeon in your area and your income will matter depending on how much work you do in a month or the country where you work in.