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Project Team Synergy: Delivering High Performance

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team-coaching‘Project team synergy’ refers to the concept of achieving results greater than the sum of the team. For example, if ‘a’ gives an output of 5, ‘b’ gives an output of 10, and ‘c’ gives an output of 20, ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’, when work together, give an output of 50. The sum of individual outputs without teamwork is 35, but the three individuals manage to achieve an output of 50 by working together.

This concept certainly does work in the real world. In fact, synergy is the only reason life on Earth has managed to survive this long; and it’s the reason we humans are trying to make up for the harm we have caused to the Earth.

Why Synergy Works

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASeAAAAJDE5ZDc4ZmJhLTRkN2EtNGM1Ni05ZTA4LWQyMzcyZDBmNjY5YQSynergy is really easy to achieve once the effort is made. Working together aids understanding of all situations, as well as effective utilization of all available human resource.

This is why synergy is achievable:

  • Teams share a sense of common purpose. When working together, it is easier for each individual to understand that the entire team has to work on the same task and any effort will help.
  • No matter how large a group is, unless it is working together as a team, it is impossible for them to understand what’s actually going on. Instead of merely being aware of one’s own part, it is necessary for each individual to understand what’s going on in the business. Unless one understands a business, it is nearly impossible for one to accomplish what the business needs and complete the actual job of pushing the business forward.
  • Teams that share a healthy communication are able to identify specialties and weaknesses of each AMNT-Nov14-Inter-team-750x300member. This makes effective segregation of work and better utilization of the available human resource a lot easier to achieve.
  • Roles are shared and balanced among team members, which ensures greater efficiency.
  • Teams that work together focus on accomplishment of tasks rather than competition and interpersonal issues. This ensures greater output and better quality.
  • Differences of opinions are easily accepted and even encouraged. When teams work together, any pieces of advicecan make a lot of difference.
  • Mistakes turn into learning opportunities instead of causes of penalties, and creativity gets more space for growth. This fulfills a business’ requirement of new ideas as well as eventually productive risks.
  • Team members help each other understand the objectives of each project, which minimizes mistakesbusiness, people, statistics and team work concept - close up of creative team with charts and gadgets meeting and drinking coffee in officeand inaccuracies present in any products. The product turns out to be more client-focused, and hence, better in quality.
  • Team members consider the team as an important factor for their personal as well as professional growth. Coexistence becomes easier, and hence, so does survival.

Project team synergy can help your business achieve high output and quality. While ‘negative’ synergy certainly does exist, it’s pretty rare. Negative synergy can result due to personal differences or professional incompatibility. However, human adaptation can easily eliminate negative synergy and produce a positive counterpart.

Project team synergy can increase quality, productivity, and profits by not just 10% or even 50%, average results can be anywhere around 100% to 500%.